This Woman Had The Most Painful Walk Of Shame Ever Through Storm Jonas

by Taylor Ortega

The state of Connecticut was slammed by Winter Storm Jonas this weekend, but that didn't stop one woman, let's call her Rebecca, from getting some sweet blizzard lovin'.

In just a white tee, Rebecca braved the bliz barefoot, with her coat and shoes in hand, making her way home over the snowy streets.

Perhaps her sex host didn't have any alcohol or decent blizzard snacks.

Perhaps Rebecca woke up hungry for toaster waffles and was greeted by tap water and the promise of “maybe some Domino's later.”

Perhaps she wasn't willing to set her well-being aside for a hot date and, instead, trudged half-naked over a snowdrift for some wine and taquitos.

Thank you, Rebecca, not only for refusing to put your sex life on hold for a weather emergency but for refusing to put your snack life on hold for an ass emergency.

Learn from this woman.

Update 2:13 pm: On another note, although we're not sure what is exactly going on in this video, we do hope she got home safely.

Editor's note: The location of this Walk of Shame/Stride of Pride has been changed from West Virginia to Connecticut in an effort to accurately reflect the event. 

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