Woman's Boobs Got Her Banned From Riding Roller Coasters


I did not even know breasts come in size 36L.

I also didn't know that boobs of such grandeur could prevent a person from enjoying a roller coaster.

This is a lot to take in all at once. I'm learning a lot today.


This is 22-year-old Tanya Willis. While visiting Thorpe Park in Surrey, England, she was told she couldn't ride the Colossus roller coaster.

It wasn't because she wasn't tall enough, had a heart condition or whatever excuse my lame ass friends want to give. It was because her breasts were so large that they couldn't fit underneath the safety bar.

The mother-of-one felt humiliated.

She was forced to walk past the hundreds of people in line after she was turned away by the operators of the ride.


Tanya paid $35 for her ticket and was forced to watch her family have fun without her on the ride. She said,

She added,


She also tried to ride another ride called Rush, but again she was told her breasts were too big.

A spokeswoman reached out to Tanya, but also said,

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