Woman's Post On BF's Weird Fetish Goes Viral: 'Before Sex He Cleans My Pussy'

Jovana Rikalo

Recently, a woman reached out to the Nigerian dating site called Break or Makeup for some relationship advice.

This woman seemed pretty desperate to get help because she emailed, messaged on Whatsapp and even tried to call the website regarding this urgent matter.

She finally caught the attention of the site after posting a message on one of their Instagram photos.


In the comment, the woman starts off by describing her picture perfect relationship with a man who seems to be Prince Charming IRL.

She reveals that her boyfriend, "has spoilt me silly with money and affection, our love got so deep he took me to his family last 2 weeks and promised to marry me."

If that's not impressive enough, she says, "He bought me a car and the latest iPhone 7, then he proposed."

Then she dives right into the dilemma she's having about her man, by saying, "I have been worried, I think he is into something [dicey]."

Apparently, her boyfriend seems to be into some weird shit because the woman writes, "Before we have sex he cleans my pussy up with spirit and cotton wool and I never see the cotton wool in the dust bin. After sex he does same."

The woman sort of brushed off her boyfriend's boozy bedroom habits, explaining, "I could not ask questions because of the gifts I got and did not want him to get upset and stop."

Sure, being showered with expensive gifts and affection is basically every girl's dream.

However, no amount of diamond rings or Lamborghinis could convince me to rub a dirty booze soaked rag all over my lady parts. *shudders*

If that wasn't enough to convince this gal to head for the hills, things get even worse.

The woman then goes on to say, "After the phone, car and engagement ring, I have not urinated for 4 days now."

When it comes to choosing your bodily functions vs. a ring, the decision shouldn't be as hard as this woman is making it.

After all, there are other men out there who can buy you a new fancy ring. What they can't buy you, on the other hand, is a new vagina to replace your alcohol-contaminated kitty.

The woman concludes the post by asking, "How do I confront this guy without him collecting his gifts back from me. The car is so cute."

As you can imagine, the woman's post on her bf's weird fetish has since gone viral.

The fact that her desperate plea for help is blowing up on social media is probably bad news for the woman, since she says, "I hope he does not read this," in the post.

But hey, that's what happens when you drop a giant fetish-filled bomb on the internet.

Break or Makeup replied to the woman's comment later that day.


Break or Makeup starts out by saying,

My dear there's nothing wrong in loving gifts, we all do, but when it becomes greed it has certainly gone to the extreme. When you noticed he cleans your private part with spirit and wool, on that first day, you should have told someone, maybe your mom or someone you can confide in, but you allowed it to linger for too long. If when your gut instincts was telling you to say or do something about it, and you did, we won't be here! You allowed it to keep happening just because of greed.

They then go on to tell this girl she needs to pay for her greedy sins by fasting and praying her ass off for forgiveness.

If you ask me, I would have advised this woman to go to a urologist about her peeing problem instead because I'm not sure if prayers are an effective way to resolve urinating issues.

Then the Break or Makeup goes on to tell the woman that she must listen to her gut instincts.

The relationship guru concludes the post with an important message, stating,

Material things will fade. We hear this everyday but we turn a deaf ear to it because we tend to live our life in the fast lane which is the easiest road to destruction.

So long story short, this woman needs to either tell this guy to ditch the wool or dump his ass.

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