Stranger Leaves A Heartfelt Letter For Woman Who Had Seizure On Train


The moral of the story isn't that having a seizure is an easy way to make 10 British dollars. It's that humanity is nice and stuff.

So, like, don't go around trying to fake seizures for money.

Ellie Farnfield, 27, was riding a train in London when she experienced a seizure knocking her unconscious.

Thankfully, she is now OK. She recovered from the trauma, but when she regained consciousness, she found £10 ($15) and a mysterious letter addressed to her by the stranger who saved her when she went under.

Ellie posted the letter to Facebook hoping to track down her savior “Tom.”

The letter, addressed to the part-time acupuncture student, read,

People started #findtraintom, hoping to find Tom so Farnfield can say "thank you."

She told the Daily Mail,


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