Woman Talks To Guys On Tinder Using Only Dashboard Confessional Lyrics (Photos)

Finally! A use for Dashboard Confessional lyrics that doesn't include being forced to listen to them in your neighbor's car on the way to first period!

A Tumblr called “Tinder Confessional” features shots of convos with clueless guys from Tinder whose best efforts are met with nothing but the sweet, gentle ramblings of Chris Carrabba.

This one's a bad boy, and he needs everyone to know. B-A-D [SPACE] B-O-Y!!!

This guy didn't come for enlightenment, but he'll stay for it.


So, are you Ron, or…?

This guy is a Tinder poet, too, NBFD.

Ah! A scholar among the rubes! Congratulations, torso, you win Tinder!

If there's one thing this social experiment proves, it's Dashboard Confessional has yet to successfully get anyone laid.