Woman Gets Naked And Masturbates At Church In Strange Video: 'I'd Do It Again'

*Deep breath*

OK. Here we go again.

Someone else has been caught doing sexual things in public -- this time at a church (we know...).

The filthy footage, which has emerged on porn website XHamster.com, shows the woman stripping off, walking around naked and pleasuring herself at various locations across Sheffield in England.

It's called "Janna Nude In Sheffield" and has gained popularity after a local newspaper reported on the explicit antics.

It opens with "Janna" explaining what's about to go down. She says,

We are going to be undressing and doing all sorts of things in public.

The porno goes on for 30 minutes and follows the woman as she's egged on by a camerawoman to do bizarre things out in the open.


At one point, she sits down a grassy mount outside a church and goes to town on herself.

Then she walks past a man as she flashes her breasts. His reaction?

That's changed my perception of the day!

She goes on to flash passing traffic in the middle of a road and later whacks out a sex toy.

At the end of the video, the person behind the camera asks the woman,

How did that feel?

She replies,

Yeah, weird. Very good. Intense. Intensely embarrassing at times, but good.

She added she would definitely do it again.

Police are aware of the video, though it is not known if "Janna" has been approached by authorities as of yet.

Detective inspector Jade Brice, from South Yorkshire Police, told the newspaper,

Incidents of this nature can be highly distressing for victims and witnesses, so they are thoroughly investigated so that offenders can be quickly identified.

We don't understand why this happened and what direction the world is going in.