Mimi Black

Woman's Snap Story Of Getting Stood Up By A Date Actually Has The Best Ending


So the other night, I orchestrated a last-minute date on Tinder.

It was quite late on a Sunday, and we arranged to meet at a bar in between our apartments in Manhattan.

I walked in, sat down, ordered a beer and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Dang. Stood up. I'd never been stood up. No phone call. No nothing.

Here I am Han Solo:

Oliver McAteer

But it was kind of... exciting. This night could be anything I wanted it to be. Who should I talk to first? How many friends can I make in half an hour? Where is this night going?!

But in reality, the night was two pints of Brooklyn Lager and a terrible chat with the bartender I could barely hear over the sound of thumping techno music.

I didn't really seize the opportunity.

Mimi Black, on the other hand, totally owned it when she got stood up.

The Scottish girl went to Glasgow to meet a boy who didn't even have the sack to cancel on her.

Here's what she did when life gave her lemons:

Mimi Black
Mimi Black
Mimi Black
Mimi Black

As for the guy, well...

He doesn't want to make amends, he apologised, I accepted it and that's it. I hope he finds what he wants in life https://t.co/0SAy2iJGin — Mimi Black (@AymieBlack) July 17, 2016