This Woman's Shocking Racist Rant Is Going Viral Over Its Dramatic Ending

This woman is on a mad one. Or rather, this woman is a mad one.

A video of a woman going absolutely mental on board a public bus in London has gone viral once again, after first appearing in late 2011.

The one minute clip documents a woman's bizarre racist rant at a man, after which she tries to kick him, falls over and then slap-punches him in the face.

The video, which was taken by an onlooker with a phone, starts with the woman squaring up to another passenger and yelling "'Cause you're a c**t."


As onlookers start to laugh, and the recipient of the abuse responds with a confused "seriously?" look. The woman — who is straddling the aisle — continues to rail a rather clumsily phrased tirade of insults.

After her victim begins to poke fun at her, the distressed traveler throws her head back and screams in anger.

Then things start to get nasty:

"You know what? I really don't know, I reeeeaally don't know whether you're afro-Caribbean, Caribbean," the woman shouts before she trails off in confusion.

After the man protests, "I'm English," and begins to describe what he does, the woman — having reached new heights of anger — runs at him with the intention of a high-kick.


Unfortunately for this particularly unathletic-looking woman, her plan falls flat. And so does she.

Completely unfazed by this episode, which has many onlookers in hysterics, the woman gets to her feet and approaches the man.

"Watch this space," she yells before nabbing him in the mouth. The man, who by this point is getting rather worried, puts his arm out to keep the woman from attacking him and yells to the driver to stop the bus.


After a few seconds of holding off the flailing woman, the bus is stopped and onlookers shout, "Push her out, push her out," before the unlucky lady is deposited on the sidewalk.

Good riddance.