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Woman Shares Pic Of Her Breast To Help Others Detect Subtle Signs Of Cancer

There is a little-known breast cancer symptom we ladies should all check for as soon as superhumanly possible.

Melbourne resident Kylie Armstrong found three small dimples on the underside of her breast and decided to seek out a professional opinion.

Upon visiting her doctor and receiving a mammogram and an ultrasound, Armstrong was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her only symptom? Those three seemingly harmless dimples.

Armstrong shared a photo of the dimples on Facebook with a message warning fellow women of the symptom.


She wrote,

I felt no lump. The GP felt no lump… The ultrasound found the cancer deep in my breast close to the muscle. These 3 dimples have turned my world and my families [sic] world upside down… I am sharing this because I hope I can make people aware that Breast Cancer is not always a detectable lump.

Luckily, Armstrong's post was shared more than 121,000 times over the past week, spreading awareness to women who may be unaware of this threat to their health.

In an interview with Mashable, Australian breast physician Dr. Sue Fraser said,

Anything that raises awareness is good… Dimpling is usually a sign something is pulling on the tissue and sometimes a small cancer that is in the breast can alter some of the architecture and attach itself to the skin… It is good to be aware of any changes in the breasts. It is best to go and find out that it is OK, then to not go and find out it is something later on.

Armstrong underwent surgery to remove her cancer on March 4 and is currently recovering.

She shared,

My surgery went well and after a bit of early nausea, I am now recovering well. My family [is] tired but relieved this part is over.

Hopefully, Armstrong and all women diagnosed with the help of her post will enjoy speedy recoveries.

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