Woman's Bold Note To Family Having Homophobic Convo About Gay Cousin Goes Viral

It's always better to rise above the people who do you wrong and kill your enemies with kindness.

Because let's be real: It always feels good to walk away from a shitty situation with your head held high.

Plus, showing a kind gesture to an undeserving individual normal makes that person feel like even more of an a-hole in the end.

If there's one person who knows this, it's Natalie Woods.


This gay woman was recently sitting at a restaurant in Texas call Snuffer's when she overheard the conversation of the family sitting at the table next to her.

Apparently, these people were talking shit about their about their gay nephew.

Yeah, sounds like a lovely family, right?

Woods told The Huffington Post that the family was talking about how "disgusted" they were that their "liberal" gay nephew had finally come out and told the family he was gay.

Woods actually works for a gay rights group has worked on the Human Rights Campaign in the past.

So as you can imagine, this family's hateful homophobic remarks about their gay family member made Woods furious AF.

However, this woman didn't walk over to these awful people and give them a serious piece of her mind.

Although I'm sure that Woods would have loved to rip these judgmental people a new one, she decided to take the high road by paying for their meal and leaving them a lovely note.


That's right. Woods picked up their $49 check and scribbled a bold message that read,

Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way. P.S. Be accepting of your family.

Woods told Huffington Post that the inspiration for this act of kindness came from the teaching of Jesus as well as Michelle Obama's mantra, "When they go low, we go high."

Woods later posted a photo of the bill on her Facebook page, and now lots of people are buzzing about this woman's bold note to the family having a homophobic convo about their gay cousin.

She has lots of support.


Many people are commenting on the photo and praising Woods for rising above the situation.


After all, it takes a lot to be the bigger person when someone does something that seriously offends you.


Others are saying that Woods is basically a hero in plain clothing.


Because let's be real, this compassionate woman serves as a prime example that it's always better to fight hate with love.


If you ask me, Woods is one inspiring lady who definitely deserves a round of applause for standing up for herself and shutting down this ignorant family in the classiest way possible.

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