26-Year-Old Named Hillary Clinton Lives Her Best Life Running Music Festivals


Hillary Clinton is living the life I've always dreamt about — and, no, I'm not talking about the democratic nominee.

Do you really think I aspire to be the next president of the United States? HAH, let's all laugh together.

The Hillary I'm referring to is a 26-year-old woman from New Orleans, Louisiana, who helps organize music festivals for a living.


Yup, that's WAAAY more my speed.

Clinton works in liaison with performing artists and their agents at festivals throughout the country but often finds herself being confused with the Hillary Clinton running for president.

She recently worked as an Event Specialist at the Suwanee Hulaween festival, where CNN interviewed her about the common name mishap.

In a video — which also introduces a man with Donald Trump's name — Clinton expresses how frustrating it is to share an identity with the nominee.

She starts by admitting people often don't believe her when she introduces herself.

During the interview, she said,

When I first meet someone, the immediate reaction would be, "Are you kidding me? Are you being real right now?"

Yes. She's being very, very real.

Clinton also told CNN that Facebook won't allow her to use her real name. Instead, she has to go by the name "Hill Clinton."

On top of that, she also confessed to getting about one email per week about people trying to hack into her Twitter account.

Leave her alone, everyone! SHEESH.


Although sharing a name with the candidate is annoying most of the time, there is one upside that she's used to her advantage. In the video, she said,

So I've actually had a few reservations at restaurants where they've made the assumption or thought, "What if it's Hillary Clinton coming to the restaurant?" and I've had a few private rooms.

Well, at least that's a plus.


Regardless of the ups and downs of sharing a name with the democratic nominee, she lists the few things her and the candidate have in common. I need to admit, she seems cool AF.

To make a comparison, she stated they're both blondes and they both come prepared to all their meetings.

Sounds like they'd be quite the powerhouse if they ever met.

I think the only difference is Hillary Clinton (the candidate) wouldn't be found hanging out with Alice Cooper — but to each her own.


According to CNN, Hillary is not voting for Donald Trump, but is hesitant about voting for Clinton. She allegedly said,

I'm screwed either way. If Hillary Clinton wins, then it's just going to get worse ... for me.

Keep rockin' the festival scene, Hill. Maybe you should think of a nickname to go by for the next few months.