Maid Of Honor Performs Epic Rap To 'Ice Ice Baby' Instead Of Giving A Speech

When you reflect on the tradition of wedding toasts, it's actually pretty bizarre how publicly these heartfelt, personal, anecdotal exchanges are meant to be shared.

Rachel Winterbottom decided, "F*ck it," and threw out her carefully planned mental note cards for a flawlessly memorized rap. Full disclosure: I only kind of understood it.

While the rap, performed to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," was impressive, what's most entertaining was the look of beleaguerment flashing across the groom's face when he realized what was about to happen.

His eyes said,

Seriously, Rachel? I worked 80-hour weeks all year to pay for this wedding. I want to sit and eat my goddamn $1,100 cake and drink my money's worth in open-bar tequila sodas. Can we just have one day about us? CAN WE HAVE ONE DAY???

Relax, groom. The party's only just getting started.

Hayley O'Brien on YouTube

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