Woman Receives Hate Messages After A Man Gets Fired For Harassing Her


Cyberbullies start fights on the Web they wouldn't dare undertake in real life, confident they are operating in an online bubble protecting them from any true consequences.

Tired of being attacked online, Australia-based freelance writer Clementine Ford snapped a screenshot of a comment written by Meriton Apartments employee Michael Nolan calling her a “slut.”

In a post on her own page on November 26, Ford included that screenshot, along with screenshots of a few racist posts from Nolan's Facebook, and asked his employer, Meriton Apartments, whether or not it was aware of its employee's views and behavior.

A few days later, Ford shared a follow-up post featuring a message from the Meriton Group assuring her the company “does not condone this type of behaviour.” As a result, Nolan “no longer works for the Meriton Group,” the post said.

When commentators began to accuse Ford of ruining Nolan's life and costing a man his job, she insisted,

In an article for Daily Life, Ford suggested her options were limited when dealing with online harassment.

She wrote,

Ford asserted the “alternative is for women to remove themselves from the online world… and be silent,” an unsavory option for the women's rights supporter.

Feminists whose blood is boiling over Ford's backlash, as well as haters looking for unadulterated rage statements akin to their own, can learn more by reading a post on Ford's blog featuring pictures of comments and messages she received in the wake of her actions.

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