This Woman Got Poison Ivy On Her Eyes, And The Internet Went Wild

Here's a lesson we can all learn just in time for summer BBQs, camping trips and picnics: Do not -- I repeat, DO NOT -- fuck with poison ivy.

One woman, Emily Petrozza, learned this lesson the hard way after getting poison ivy in her eyes, causing them to swell so much she could barely see. According to BuzzFeed, she noticed a small rash on her arm about four days ago and thought little of it. While she said she wasn't sure how she got the rash, she mentioned she often goes fishing with friends and cares for feral cats.

Having dealt with poison ivy in the past, she thought it was no big deal. Then, on Sunday night, Petrozza noticed "little red bumps" starting to pop up around her eyes. By the time she woke up on Monday morning, the rash had conquered nearly half of her face. As she told BuzzFeed,

I didn't recognize myself. I could see a little bit but my eyes were so swollen that it hurt to keep them open.

Her friend rushed her to the hospital, and while waiting to see a doctor, her sister tweeted these photos:

After confirming Petrozza will be totally fine, Twitter users jumped in to crack jokes about her absurd appearance. And some of the tweets were pretty hilarious...

Remember that allergic reaction in "Hitch"?

The comparison is uncanny.

Others showed up in solidarity...

While Petrozza says her eye balls still itch, she's on the road to recovery. All's well that ends with more Twitter followers, right?

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