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Woman Pissed At eBay For Condoning Sexual Harassment

A mother selling dresses on eBay is horrified after being bombarded with creepy messages and naked selfies from men who found her on the site.

Katherine MacPherson, 42, runs a small business on the auction site and takes pictures of herself wearing the clothing items she's trying to sell.

However, she claims she has recently been receiving up to 20 crude messages per day from other eBay users, and she feels the site is not responding appropriately to the issue.


MacPherson, a mother-of-two from Wiltshire, alleged one man even sent her a picture of his penis, despite the fact that she had already blocked him after he sent several disturbing messages to her, all of which she ignored.

She told The Sun,

She now feels as though she's being targeted directly by men on the site, and she claims she was told her eBay listings have been posted to Facebook pages.

amazingle eBay

According to MacPherson, eBay apparently makes it very difficult for users to report this type of harassment.

She said,

amazingle eBay

MacPherson believes her dresses are better marketed when she photographs herself actually wearing the clothing.

She said,

eBay claims they are currently investigating the inappropriate messages she's received.

A spokeswoman from the company said,

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