Woman Forces Lonely Gamers To Prove Their Love By Humiliating Themselves In Creepy Videos

by Hope Schreiber

Before I landed a full-time writing gig, I would spend a few hours of my life, in between freelance deadlines, live-streaming myself playing video games.

I discovered an incredible community of gamers, and it was filled with people who are there to help you succeed, or just past the time while you're trying to level up.

It was a lot of fun, but you could tell that there were some guys who were just looking to talk to someone.

I had a few who would show up every time I went live, who talked to me the entire time through chat, even the times I would be playing for five to six hours.

I really got to know them, and they were nice guys who were really just lonely.

In a way, I was totally lonely too.

I had just moved across the country to a city where I knew one other person in real life. Except for the one guy who offered to buy my used socks, I liked these guys.

It's incredibly upsetting to witness a person try to take advantage of someone who is weaker than them.

This appears to be the case with a "Runescape" streamer known as Hanna, or PosionIvyLul.

Hanna is being accused of preying upon these men, and forcing them to do humiliating acts online to prove their love for her.

This includes a man hitting his erection with a shoe and another live-streaming himself inserting objects up his anus while he professes his love for her.

While the YouTube video claims Hanna is trying to urge these men to do humiliating acts, and then to ultimately kill themselves, there isn't hard evidence to those claims.

However, her Twitter does have a number of terrifying tweets that mentioning suicide and possible assisted suicide.


She posted this image romanticizing a couple's suicide.


She went on to discuss how romantic mutual suicide would be.


Hanna's Twitter profile reads,

I treat all men like shit because they are weak and they deserve it. I bully the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger.

Numerous men have written her name on their foreheads, after Hanna tweeted out for them to do it and to DM the images to her.

The man who claims to be her boyfriend, seen shaving off all of his hair in the video above, took to Youtube to say that it was both of them playing a joke.

We hope everyone involved is safe and receives the help they need.

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