This Woman Just Found A Ton Of Pictures Of Her Husband F*cking Her Mom


Self-described “very curious person” and Redditor awakiri2 stumbled upon a USB drive containing an album of unpleasant photos of her husband and her mother doing that thing you assume your husband will never actually do with your mother.

Pssst… It's sex.

In a post in the TwoXChromosomes subreddit, awakiri2 described the shock at cleaning out shoeboxes from a closet and finding a USB stocked with 50 incriminating photos of the two loved ones.

The Redditor wrote,

Awakiri2, who understandably classified the secret as “disgusting” and “f*cking weird,” beseeched the Reddit community for advice.

Some users claimed history is history and not worth starting an awkward argument over. Others insisted the fact the husband's ex-partner was awakiri2's mother made this case special.

Many agreed the husband's act of keeping the photos was the largest thorn in the otherwise beautiful rose of this marriage.

One user, DuckGoesQuackMoo, dissented from those likening the event to forgetting an old sext or an ex's underwear at the bottom of the hamper and talked some sense.

The Redditor wrote,


It sucks, though, to live in a world where, prior to walking down the aisle, one must wonder,

Here's hoping the answer is at least,

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