Woman Buys Dress And Finds Dead Mouse Sewn Inside

Finding a dead mouse sewn into your gorgeous new dress may seem like a terrible thing to discover, but think of it this way: you'll never be alone.

Imagine having the confidence going on a date or a job interview knowing that, win or lose, you always have a friend sewn right there with you.

OK, so maybe it's actually just disgusting.


But have you ever thought that maybe this dead mouse just wanted to feel pretty for once?! You monster.

Redditor aronmoney shared this picture on r/WTF of the new dress her friend received in the mail.

Despite losing a fine upstanding member of the mouse society, Reddit users did bestow some pretty great puns, including "Fievel Goes Vest," "The Rescuers: Sewn Under" and "Mickey Blouse."

Honestly, I can't believe the bargain. A free dead mouse? Cha-ching!

It seems that the mouse probably nestled on the fabric of the dress to take a wee nap when it was sewn inside.

May we please have a moment of silence? Cue Sarah McLachlan:

In the arms of the angel, fly away from here...

Goodbye, friend.

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