This Woman Discovered A Bunch Of Dick Indents In Her Friend's Mattress

by Kate Ryan

Memory foam mattresses are great. They help you sleep at night, form to your body and leave a lasting imprint of your entire dildo collection.

Wait, what was that last one?

Apparently, one woman discovered where her friend kept all her sex toys stowed away after offering to help her move. Upon lifting up her mattress, she discovered three distinct dick indents and found it too funny not to share a photo to Reddit and Imgur.


Obviously, the image went viral, getting over three million views on Imgur. And thanks to user "mentosfresh," everyone got to experience the thrill of discovering ancient dildo fossils.

Who knows, maybe thousands of years from now, aliens will flip over this same mattress and experience the LOLs for themselves. The rest of us can only hope to leave behind artifacts as hilarious as this one.

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