This Woman Is Crowdfunding The Removal Of Her Truly Heinous Forehead Tattoo


Tabitha West had a goal of raising $800 so she could get an insane "420" tattoo removed from her forehead. Well, she reached her goal alright, and it only took one day. Because people felt that bad.

Unless you're a super famous boxer with a passion for pigeons, there's really no reason for anyone to get anything tattooed on their face. Some of us, however, have to learn this simple truth the hard way.

Complex reports West started her campaign on Wednesday with the message:

Is it just me, or is that actually pretty endearing? Others thought so too and added positive comments with their donations. One Australian woman wrote,

It looks like West learned her lesson after raising the full $800. She updated her fundraising page with a thank you note and a message for the haters out there:

You tell 'em, Tabitha.

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