Caterpillar Ride And Woman Have The Exact Same Face

Have you ever wondered who your celebrity doppelgänger is?

I've been told I look like if Jason Biggs had a baby with an Afghan Hound.


For 22-year-old Vine personality, Christine Sydelko, she found her look-a-like in an unlikely place: Disneyland.

Just this weekend, she went to the happiest place on Earth to have some fun, have a few laughs and enjoy a few rides.


She told BuzzFeed News that she got to ride her favorite ride, Heimlich Chew Chew Train from "Bug's Life."

She laughed and said,

It's one of my favorite rides because it's so slow and he talks in a funny German accent.

When she saw the ride photo she couldn't stop laughing. She added,

I immediately thought I looked like the ride, especially because my jacket was the same color blue and I was making the same face.

OK, if you don't see it, a nice Twitter user put it into perspective a little bit.

Maybe it's just her joyful smile, or maybe it is just the coloring of her coat. I tend to believe that it is all in the eyes.


There it is -- all in the eyes.

No? You still don't see it? OK, let's work with something more like this.


Sydelko didn't realize that her face and her caterpillar friend would send Twitter into such a tizzy. But, you can't really blame them when she came up with such a fantastic joke.

You bring us joy, Sydelko.


She said of the amazing photoshops being sent to her:

The photoshops are so funny. It amazes me that people have the time or skill to edit things like that.

This is the Internet. We have all the time in the world.

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