This British Woman Ate A Triple-Sized Burrito In Less Than 10 Minutes


When you think of a competitive eater, I doubt "petite blonde" is the first person who pops into your mind.

It's time to change that assumption now that Kate Ovens, a 22-year-old competitive eater from Hampshire, England, has wolfed down a triple-sized burrito in just eight minutes and 12 seconds.

A student as well, Ovens (yes, her last name is too perfect) has nearly 10,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel that features her taking on many other monster food challenges.

While she won a t-shirt for beating the Belly Buster Burrito challenge, she should have won a bigger prize, in my opinion, just for agreeing to eat a burrito from England. Just saying, she's a real trooper.

Watch the video above to see Kate Ovens slay the enormous burrito like it's no big thang.

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