Woman Loses It After Catching Her Husband In A Car With His Side Chick (Video)

You may be a bold man, Luis Alberto Diaz, but you can bet your sweet ass your wife is going to hold up traffic with a rolling pin and an angry mob when she catches you riding around town with your side piece.

In a video reportedly taken in Ibagué, Colombia, Adalia Brinez is not afraid to position herself directly in front of her husband's car in the middle of the street and demand the “puta” in the passenger's seat hop out.

Thanks to the priceless efficiency of the Internet, we can all promptly share in Adalia's cathartic rage blackout.

Adalia is handed a rolling pin by a bystander as she bangs on the hood of the car, and a massive crowd cheers her on until the police arrive.

Say what you will about expressing anger in an unhealthy way, but sometimes a person just has to cause a street riot over a personal issue.

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