Woman Posts Video To Silence Haters Who Claim Her 70-Inch Butt Isn't Real

Despite living in a world with songs like "Baby Got Back" and "Anaconda," internet trolls still spend their time putting down women for their curves.

Case in point: Instagram star Raylynn from Atlanta, Georgia.

This gorgeous woman has over 122,000 followers, thanks to her 70-inch butt and amazing advocacy for body positivity. However, she's also received a lot of flak from Instagram commenters who claim her butt isn't real.

Yeah. Apparently, a lot of haters claim she photoshops and edits her pictures to make her butt look bigger, which not only implies Raylynn is lying about having a natural, 70-inch butt, but also insinuates she is not comfortable showcasing her natural curves as they are.

Well, the haters couldn't be further from the truth, and to prove that, Raylynn decided to post this amazing body-positive video to silence the doubters and show she can't possibly be photoshopping her famous curves.

This isn't the only time the mother of one responded to her haters. She recently took a be-the-bigger-person approach and let her critics know she doesn't care what they think of her with one epic Instagram post.

Regardless of the drama, it's clear Raylynn is killing the Instagram game by promoting a body-positive image, and her massive fan following reflects that.

Hopefully, the world of Instagram will catch up to current times and realize women are beautiful in every shape and size, and they should never be shamed for owning that. Raylynn is simply out here doing just that.

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