This Quiz Will Tell You How Much Of A Wine Expert You Really Are

by Anna Menta

Hey everybody, it's May 25! WOO-HOO!

Wait, sorry, let me try that again.

Hey everybody, it's May 25, NATIONAL WINE DAY! WOO-HOO!

That's better.

Yep, that's right, this boring old Wednesday just got a heck of a lot better. It's a whole day devoted to drinking wine. How can that not go well, am I right?

But before you start drinking, let's get a little knowledge going on regarding that low-key poison you'll be putting in your body. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of pretty useless, yet still interesting, little known facts about wine.

First, I have a secret: I am not a wine expert. Sorry, guys.

Look, someone needed to write the wine-day quiz for May 25, and there wasn't enough time to get an expert. I guarantee you know more about wine than I do. I pretty much only drink Moscato anyhow, like a child.

That said, if you feel I got something wrong in this quiz, you could be right. And I have no doubt you will tell me exactly what I got wrong in the comments. In fact, I encourage this. Knowledge is power.

So, uh, enjoy! And hopefully, you learn something. I know I did.