Woman Mad At Husband For Selling Her On eBay Because He Used 'Such A Bad' Pic

Can you imagine coming home from a long day's work to find you had been put up for sale by your own husband?

Leandra was particularly furious, and not only that, she had been put up for sale by her husband who "used such a bad photo."

Leandra told Metro,

Everyone at work saw it and were laughing their heads off. Not only did he put me up for sale but he used such a bad photo.

Simon O'Kane, 33, from Yorkshire, England, thought he would see if he could get a good deal for his wife on the online forum after she was particularly unsympathetic one day when he was feeling a bit poorly.

"One wife for sale," the ad began, "Not new has been used but still got some good miles in her."

Then he addresses the reason for the sale, saying,

I've had my fill and feel like there HAS to be someone out there more deserving of her than me.

Simon then gets down to business and lists the pros and cons:

Body work and paint work still in decent shape and has some skills in the kitchen.

Honestly, I'm surprised this guy is still married.

Then, onto the bad points. He wrote,

Often makes this noise that cannot be silenced until you order brand new shiny parts of metal. Sometimes them skills in the kitchen result in you ending up in hospital.


But the last bit is the worst:

All in all not a bad model for the year, I'm sure some lucky guy will get lots of use. Offers welcome may consider a Part Exchange for a younger model.

The ad went up after Leandra, 27, didn't fall for Simon's feeble cries for sympathy last Wednesday.

She said,

He always moans he's poorly, he's a hypochondriac, then he swans off to the gym for three - four hours at a time. I told him that if he can go to the gym then he doesn't deserve my sympathy.

Fair enough, girl.

Simon told Metro his side of the story, too, explaining,

I came in after work feeling a bit tired and unwell – my was wife doing the usual concerned bit but said I was burning the candle at both ends and was basically just whining at me. I thought 'right I'm going to put you up for sale.'

Because that's what every dejected husband thinks. Right?


Unluckily for Simon, eBay took town Leandra's listing at £65 000, but he got some interesting inquiries before it was deleted.

One bidder asked,

Has she raced or has she rallied?

Another wondered,

What are the emissions like?

There were also "pervy" messages from a few creepy men asking for more photos.

It seems like Leandra is a good sport, though.

Simon admitted,

I'm really lucky that she's such a legend and takes all my pranks on the chin. I was disappointed the listing was taken down, mainly because I wanted to see how high it would go.

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