Wife Accepts Flower Delivery, Then Realizes They're Meant For The Dog


Flowers, when they're meant for an apology or because you're supposed to give them on certain holidays, are lame as heck. Like greeeat something that is going to die just like our love.

But surprise flowers? Everyone loves surprise flowers! Even my cold, bitter heart loves surprise flowers.

Lily Cardone, a college student in Florida, knows that her dad often gives her mom, Debbie, flowers for no reason at all.

But, surprise, these flowers weren't meant for Debbie.


The flowers were, in fact, for their 10-year-old dog, Sebastian.

They've had the pup since he was 9-months-old, and he's like a brother to Lily.

But, TBH, parents do have their favorites.

Lily Cardone

Debbie couldn't even be mad at Sebastian getting all that love -- he just had ACL surgery and he's in recovery.

Lily's father wanted him to know that he's thinking of him, so naturally, he called a florist to have flowers delivered.

Debbie wrote on Facebook:

So flowers were delivered today. My husband is very good about sending random flowers to me. I thought "oh isn't that nice!"... then I read the card...

The card read:

Sebastian, Feel better, you'll be back in the game very soon. Love, Daddy.

And, obviously, Sebastian loved the sentiment.


Lily's mom thought the whole thing was hilarious, and you have to admire a man who is that dedicated to his dog's wellbeing and happiness.

So let this be a note to everyone out there. Valentine's Day is coming up -- keep in mind who you usually buy for.

Your spouse? Your significant other? Maybe your child or parent, because it is the holiday of LOVE after all.


Buy a gift for the creature who loves you unconditionally! Your dog. Sure, they don't know what to do with flowers, but honestly, neither do I!

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