15 People Get Honest About What Really Puts Them In A Good Mood

What puts you in a better mood? On a Friday, most people aren't looking for the answer to this question.

From the time you rolled out of bed, you probably had a smile on your face, ready to welcome the weekend like a long lost friend.

But before you know it, the Sunday Scaries will be back with a vengeance, and you'll be anticipating another dreaded Monday.

And on that Monday, you'll find yourself looking for a goddamn reason to smile.

Whether it's a morning coffee run, spontaneous sex or a really f*cking good sandwich, one Reddit user is asking, "What is almost guaranteed to put you in a better mood?"

Here's what the r/askReddit community had to say.

Just completing a task -- any task, really -- sets the tone for a good day.

Ah, the "ghost poop" is quite pleasing.

Nobody ever says no to a little pussy.

Having a spouse who deals with your sh*t is essential when you're this woman.

Vitamin D makes all the difference, says everyone living in LA.

Everything good in this world begins with a B.

If she didn't, you would've.

Blowjob, cunnilingus, dome, skull... How can such ugly words have such pleasant meaning?

If you're this girl, toe cheese is an instant mood booster.

Endorphins are the most potent gateway drug.


Just close your eyes and count to 10... hours. Ten hours of sleep will solve anything.

Pack it, twist it, hit it and watch your worries float away like clouds in the sky.

You have to love your jokes before someone else can love your jokes.

Mama needs some real good lovin'.