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Weed-Infused Nutella Now Exists But You'll Have To Go The Distance To Try It

*Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story attributed the creation of the edibles to a specific company and alleged owner in Toronto. We received an email alerting us that those attributions were incorrect. We've edited out those references in this most updated version.

As anyone who has ever had the munchies knows, weed and junk food are a natural pairing.

Usually, it's smoke first, eat second, but what if we could satisfy both cravings at once?

That was the idea behind Chrontella, the drool-worthy, cannabis-infused, Nutella-style spread taking Canada by storm.

The Nutella-inspired chocolate-hazelnut spread contains roughly 300 milligrams of cannabis extract. This treat is hot on the heels of both Pif, a weed-infused peanut butter spread, and Smokers, a jacked-up strawberry jam.

Each jar, Vice reports, is pretty tiny, containing just three servings each. That said, the stuff is potent.

The average recommended serving for an adult male to get a “good buzz” is 30 milligrams. These three-serving jars include 300 milligrams. You do the math.

At the moment, Chrontella (and all of its delicious cannabis cousins) are available only in Canada. So, you can either hop the border (my advice), or scroll through the company's social feeds and lust until it launches stateside.

Meet "Chrontella," the cannabis-infused Nutella-style spread.

The sweet treat, along with peanut butter "Pif"...

...and strawberry "Smokers" spread...

...look absolutely delicious.

Unsurprisingly, all three treats are a pretty huge hit.

Check out the company on Instagram, and if you're ever up north, buy some of your own.

Just be sure to keep your adult PB&J(&C) away from the kids.

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