Weather Site's Daily Report Goes Viral Over Hidden NSFW Detail In Visuals


It looks like a few unlucky cities in Australia are about get pounded by the shaft of an upcoming storm.

Seriously -- the residents of Toowoomba and Dalby better wear protection if they go outside because it looks like they're about to get hammered by rain.

Folks who have been keeping an eye on the weather are probably prepared for the vigorous storm headed their way, but they're also probably giggling at the shape of the mass on the radar map.

The storm looks like an erect penis that's penetrating its way through eastern Australia.

When the NSFW storm appeared on the map, Facebook user Nick Mickle took a screenshot after recognizing the sexual shape of the radar.

People quickly starting catching onto the penis-shaped radar map and began making a ton of sexual innuendos about the image.

Rodney Ray commented on the picture,

Don't swallow the rain it's bound to leave a bad taste in ya mouth.

If you live in Dalby... I'd probably take his advice.


If mother nature had a penis (maybe she does -- who knows), that's definitely a picture of it.

Another Facebook user commented on the picture,

Looks like strong penetration rapidly moving in likely to produce extreme wet and windy conditions throughout the inner regions.

Yup. Extremely wet in the inner regions sounds just about right if you're living in Toowoomba right now.

Other people commenting on the penis-like radar were worried about the city of Dalby, which is in the "firing range" of the storm.

Go ahead and giggle. I know your minds are in the gutters at this point.

If you're living in any of the regions affected by the giant penis-shaped storm, you hopefully will stay inside to avoid any unsolicited contact.

Thankfully, the Bureau of Meteorology reported weather in the area now will then be mostly sunny with a slight chance of afternoon showers -- so as long as you stay protected, you're probably in the clear.

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