Watermelon Dresses Are This Summer's Freshest Fashion Trend And We're About It

by Brenda Santana

Social media has brought on many fashion trends (remember RompHim?), but the latest style craze taking Twitter by storm is a lot more inventive and very refreshing.

I'm talking about the #watermelondress trend, and no, this isn't about run-of-the-mill watermelon print dresses.

This trend consists of people getting creative with their favorite summer fruit and cutting watermelon slices to create awesome garments.

If you thought the watermelon was only for summer time consumption, boy were you underestimating this versatile fruit.

The variety of dresses that have been posted on Twitter and Instagram are insane and range from safe to sassy with all ages enjoying a piece of the fun.

Social media trends like #watermelondress usually evolve very quickly. Needless to say, watermelon designers branched out of the dress realm very quickly and started creating some very unique pieces.

One user created the watermelon RompHim.

Ok, I'm awarding extra brownie points to Twitter user @Madi_Prieto for mixing two of the most recent social media fashion trends together and creating a watermelon RompHim.

There are watermelon overalls

And even watermelon shorts with a matching bowtie

I've honestly never seen a baby look so darn dapper and adorable!

Designing a watermelon garment is not only fun, but it's easy, too. All you need to do find your desired slice of watermelon, and begin biting out the design you so desire.

If you want to kick your design up a notch, then use a small knife and get as creative as you want instead of using your chompers.

Seeing all of the funny and creative watermelon dresses above has made me want to partake in the social media trend.

Gotta run to my local supermarket and pick up some supplies. Happy carving, everybody!