Hero Guy Comes Up With Genius Way To Watch March Madness In Class


By now, your chance of having a respectable March Madness bracket is probably long gone.

If you're a casual fan, you probably stopped paying attention to the tourney days ago — especially if you picked Duke or last year's champs, Villanova, to take home all the marbles.

But, as hard as it is to imagine, there are people out there whose brackets are looking pretty solid, and they're still hooked on the games just like you were on day one.

And so, I present you with this hero.

This kid gets it.

With the help of his buddy, who — let's face it — is the real MVP here, he has found a way to watch the games while sitting in class and pretending to pay attention.


The strategy has an element of risk about it, too because it involves using tape to secure his phone on his friend's back.

This allows him to stay up to date with the scores while not being told off by his teacher for checking his phone. Genius.

The clip appears to be a Snapchat video, and the caption reads, “Teacher: 'You can't watch March Madness in class.'”

It was posted on Imgur with the caption, “If only he did this kind of out of the box thinking for school itself,” which reinforces my idea that lazy people are the most creative thinkers.

It truly is a thing of beauty, and with a little tweaking to make it even more subtle, could be a huge game-changer for sports fans in schools and offices across the world.


That way, we'll all be able to watch as top seed Villanova randomly puts up a dud against No. 8 Wisconsin (yes, I'm still pissed about that game ruining my bracket, how can you tell?)

So with some good marketing, this kid could be the hero, the symbol of hope that slackers and procrastinators have been waiting for.

But good luck hiding your emotions when a last-second buzzer beater wins the game, buddy.

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