Watching These Drivers Get Revenge On Terrible Parker Is So, So Satisfying

by Alexandra Strickler

A driver who carelessly parked his car directly in the middle of two parking spots got pretty much exactly what he deserved.

Thanks to The Rough Jeep, an Instagram account run by a man called Constantin M, we have hilarious video footage of two Jeeps being parked on either side of the crappy parker's red Mercedes, completely blocking the dude in.

The incident happened in the parking lot of a Best Buy location, potentially somewhere in Oregon, according to Mail Online.

Once the two Jeep drivers saw the incredibly awful parking job of the red Mercedes, they quickly backed both of their cars into their own makeshift spots on either side, making it impossible for the driver to get back into his car through the regular doors.

Then, the two guys hid in the bushes and waited for their prey to come back to his car.

The Mercedes driver's response honestly could not have been better.


At first, you can see him walk around to the front of the car in a failed attempt to open the passenger door and try to shimmy his way in.

He then throws his hands up in a fit of rage, while the cameramen cackle to themselves in the background.

The guy proceeds to kick the giant tires of both Jeeps because, you know, that will definitely move them.


Much like Magikarp's "splash" move in Pokémon, his kicks were not very effective.


Eventually, the man realizes he has no other choice but to open up his trunk and crawl into his car through there.

Which, of course, made for hilarious screenshots like this:


As someone who's personally very terrible at parking as well, I'm definitely going to be a little more paranoid now whenever I leave my sad little Honda Civic unattended in a parking lot.

Please, The Rough Jeep, I promise I will try to be better!

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