Video Of Tickle Me Elmo Laughing Without Any Fur Is So, So Terrifying


Horror has a name, and it is Tickle Me Elmo.

A terrifying clip is circulating online showing our favorite "Sesame Street" character stripped of his dignity and fur getting tickled by someone fearless.

You can thank Science Mobile for this spawn of Satan. The "museum on the go" tweeted the disturbing video and wrote,

Ever wondered what Tickle Me Elmo looks like without fur?

Actually no, we didn't, SO THANK YOU FOR THAT.

It's a hunk of white mass and wires with two bulging eyes used for penetrating your mind and soul.

The once playful giggles are now war-cry shrieks that will echo around your head at night.

Remnants of his blood-red fur still stain his mouth and serve as a constant reminder his thirst for violence is unquenchable.

Obviously, the internet is scared — very scared. People took no time to admit they no longer feel safe.

Someone suggested the guys over at Tyco Toys are working on a Frankenstein model of Elmo... with the primary use of consuming children's souls.


Others think it's the next big slasher film, or at least deserves a cameo in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

I mean, come on, it's like a creepy robot version of Gremlin.


But we can all agree on one thing: There will be no sleep tonight.

That's because skinless Tickle Me Elmo is watching you sleep... and his eyes never close.


For the night is dark and full of terrors.


They say it's all in the name of science, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST?!

We pray to God this is the last experiment.

Please, Science Mobile, no more. We've seen enough. Make it stop!


All in favor of throwing any skinless Tickle Me Elmos on a huge pile of burning tires say "aye." Good.

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