Viral Photo Of Man 'Levitating' At Gas Station Is Breaking The Internet's Brain


Levitation? Heh, if wizards don't exist, then levitation is impossible.

*sees the above photo, drops coffee, dials on iPhone*

"Hello, operator? Connect me to Hogwarts. DON'T GIVE ME THAT -- I KNOW WIZARDS ARE REAL NOW."

In a Reddit post titled "Don't mind his fashion, this oil spill makes it look like this guys floating" Redditor Favre4Evre shared the following mysterious image that has since gone viral:


While you might think this is probably what Criss Angel looks like when he gets his gas, you'd be wrong, mindfreak-ing wrong.

As the post's title suggests, that's probably not a shadow underneath this well-fashioned man -- it's (maybe) an oil stain THAT'S SOMEHOW THE SAME LENGTH AS THIS DUDE'S SHOE.


OK, this is just spooky (although read until the very end of this post for an even crazier theory).

Needless to say, Reddit all but exploded as a result of this optical illusion.

User kaaaaaaaatiecakes wrote,

I had to stare at this for longer than I care to admit in order to see it. The 'shadow' of his 'levitating' foot is a smear of oil on the ground.

Oh, I'm still staring at this photo. It's become my Mirror of Erised.

Redditor Byraine commented,

I still can't convince my brain that the stain is not under him he's on the ground next to it.

My mind's telling me no, but my logic, my logic's telling me yes.

MrMcHaggi5 agrees. They wrote,

[M]y brain, refuses to make sense of this. The outline of the shoe is too perfect.

Another Redditor deadtime68 is trying to make us all believe this "oil stain" reasoning is one big, goddamn conspiracy. They argued,

Don't be fooled. He is lifting his right foot. The shadow under the left shoe shows it is planted. The right foot's shoe is not flat, it's curve shows what an unplanted shoe would return to without there being pressure on it. The right foot isn't planted. OP is an idiot and secretly likes the awesome sweat pants.

Now, I'm just looking for a second oil stain on the grass knoll.

Honestly, deadtime68 might be right. Look at how there is a shadow right underneath the left shoe (indicating it's on the ground) while there's no shadow directly under the right.


Is that a shadow or a stain? What is even real in this puppet-show simulation we call life?!

Sorry, I kind of lost it a little, didn't I? Let me know what you guys think of this.