This Intense Video Reminds All Women To Take Breast Cancer Seriously


It's normal to feel a pang of jealousy while watching a vlogger detail a beauty or fashion haul, but a new video from A Plus proves there are some things in life even the chicest among us cannot avoid.

In “The One Thing I Didn't Think I'd Get,” actress Carly Fawcett shows off clothes, books, shades and tech before revealing one thing she got that incites far less joy: breast cancer.

The video's description reminds viewers,

Aside from sending an important message to all women and their allies, the video was significant for Fawcett, whose own life has been affected by the disease.

In an email shared with Elite Daily, Fawcett said,

Producer Jordan Zaslow insisted health education and awareness are important steps in the effort to find and treat breast cancer in all women.

In an email, Zaslow explained,

In a world where cancer is such a massive threat, being mindful of our own bodies and the health of those we love can save lives.