Side-By-Side Video Shows How Drug Store Shampoo Does Way More Damage To Hair


If you've ever been to a salon, you're well aware of the fact that every hair dresser has a knack for pressuring you into buying their expensive shampoos and conditioners.

Sometimes, I cave under pressure and purchase the good stuff, but most of the time I settle for a five dollar bottle of the drug store brand.

Apparently, hair stylists aren't pushing the pricey shampoos for their own benefit. It turns out the expensive products are a lot better for your locks than you think -- especially if your hair is dyed.

If you've ever colored your hair before, you know the color fades after constantly shampooing in the shower.

(Trust me, my hair has been blue, purple, red and brown within the past few years and each color faded after a month's worth of washes.)

Of course, I was cheap at the salon and didn't get the good stuff, which made my color fade even quicker.

To prove the point that cheap washes strip your hair of its dye, a woman on Facebook named Rachel Trach compared the damage on hair between a salon brand shampoo (Unite, $24) and drug store shampoo (Tresemmé, $6).

To begin her experiment, she filled two glasses of water and mixed in a different shampoo in each glass.


Then, Rachel added hair that was dyed purple to each glass and stirred the shampoo water once again with the hair inside.


Once the water in each glass settled, you could see the obvious difference between the two.

The glass containing the expensive shampoo remained foggy and lavender, while the glass with the drugstore shampoo turned deep purple as it stripped the color from the hair.


Next time you get your hair dyed at the salon, save up a little extra dough and splurge on the pricey shampoo.

You'll be thanking yourself when your hair color lasts a lot longer than expected. Plus, your hair will most likely be smooth AF.

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