Video Showing Potential Flaw In Smartphone Facial Recognition Is Bumming Us Out

Marija Mandic/ Stocksy

Smartphone security is of the utmost importance, but sometimes, it's not terribly difficult to find loopholes. Though tech companies are looking to step up their protective features with the help of facial recognition, it's clear that where there is a will, hackers will most definitely find a way. Recently, a video of a facial recognition flaw on an Android phone has surfaced, and it's definitely concerning.

Mel Tajon, known on Twitter as @MelTajon, gave things a whirl with the Samsung Galaxy S8, just to see how the facial recognition feature works. His video — which has been liked and retweeted over 2,000 times respectively — not only proved that is it possible to gain access into the device without the proper face authorization, but it's actually pretty simple. Before you start storing top-secret information on your cell, you might want to think twice. However, keep in mind this is just one video that shows a potential flaw.

Tajon's discovery is definitely a huge bummer. Customers are shelling out the big bucks to make sure that these gadgets are helping them store the most vital information. With a item so complex, it's rather interesting that such an obvious feature was so easily hacked. This should definitely act as a warning to all smartphone customers.

If you're curious about how Tajon went about this smartphone experiment, watch the video below.

It's pretty concerning, right? Did he even put any effort into it?

Now that the iPhone 8 is expected to arrive, techies are equally as curious how its security features are going to work. Reportedly, Apple's 10th anniversary phone will forgo the Touch ID sensor and use facial recognition software instead, according to BGR. Many are wondering how this will compare to the Samsung. The new gadget is expected to be a huge upgrade from the iPhone 7 — from its color selections, SmartCam tech, and (possible) wireless charging. However, fingers crossed that it won't be so simple to gain access into this highly anticipated cell if you're not supposed to.

Oh, tech. Can't live with you, can't live without you.