Guy Replies to Unsolicited Penis Pic With a Math Problem


Let's face it: Unsolicited dick pics are now a "thing" everyone venturing into the world of dating apps has to learn and accept. It is what it IS.

They're usually unexpected, and leave you staring at your device, completely lost for words. How do you reply? Should you reply?

When our new hero, Alex West from Louisville, Kentucky, received one yesterday, he put a new response to dick pics into the equation -- no pun intended.

The clever Grindr user turned his unsolicited dick pic into a mathematical equation.

Genius, I tell you.

According to Buzzfeed News, West was using the dating app when he received a message from another user saying "hi there," followed by three photos of what he believed to be "the most crooked dick he's ever seen."

At first, he called the penis *angular.*


If you're curious, take a look for yourself.


The penis was so crooked, Alex felt the need to upload the photo to his computer to find the exact angle of it. Touché.

It turns out that the penis was bent at a 122.519 degree angle, and he has the work to prove it:


Alex decided to post the photos of his dick pic math equation onto Twitter, and people are idolizing the Grindr sensation.

He is now "the best" at Grindr.

And obviously, the "hero we need."

You're definitely our hero, Alex.

Next time I'm in math class, I'll be sure to start taking notes.

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