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Uber Drivers Will Now Have Bop Its In Their Cars For Drunk Riders

You'd hope grown adults taking Ubers wouldn't need toys to keep them from misbehaving, but unfortunately, some drunk people just don't have that kind of self-respect.

According to a report from The Guardian, Uber drivers in North Carolina will start leaving BOP IT toys in the backseats of their cars in the hopes intoxicated passengers will be so caught up in pulling and twisting, they won't attack drivers.

I have a question, though. Will these toys be the regular BOP ITs or the BOP IT Extremes? Because, honestly, the stress of flicking and spinning, in addition to pulling, twisting and bopping, got me pretty violent... when I was 10.

But, beneath this absurdity is a serious issue. The assault of Uber drivers is all too common. Just last week, video footage of a former Taco Bell executive violently beating up his Uber driver went viral.

An Uber security officer told The Guardian the hope is giving intoxicated riders activities to engage in will make them less irritable and aggressive. Yeesh.

So, a little friendly advice to all my drunk Uber riders out there: Don't be those men and women who need children's toys to act like respectable human beings. Love yourselves, people.

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