Twitter Hashtag 'How To Confuse A Millennial' Divides Internet

Javier Pardina

There's a war raging on Twitter right now between Millennials and the rest of the world.

People are posting under the hashtag "How To Confuse A Millennial."

It started out with a little fun to all those who reached early adulthood around the year 2000. You know, the best kind of people. The people more socially accepting than their previous generations; the people who have been handed a shitty economy but are still slaying; the people who will build our future.

Twitter was mainly having a laugh about how Millennials don't remember the good ol' days with things like telephone booths...

...and how our new, bougie taste in food is too different for their liking.

How about our slang? Our terrible, terrible slang.

Yep, Millennials were getting a mighty roasting. But I don't think the founder of this hashtag was expecting us to fight back. What, you just thought we were gonna sit there and take it? (That's right, I used "gonna" instead of "going to" because this is our time — COME AT ME, BRO.)

Every Millennial response was on-point.

So think carefully about the next time you tell Millennials we're too reliant on technology — because we might just unplug your life-support machine.