Twitter's In Tears Over Professor's Badass Reply To Girl Using Breakup Excuse

by Alexandra Strickler

I wish any of my professors in college were half this cool.

For the many times I either skipped class or turned in assignments late because I was hungover, still drunk, drying my tears after a fight with my boyfriend or reevaluating my life because my mom told me I gained the freshman 15, I always wanted to pen honest emails to my professors about why I was slacking.

Alas, I never had the guts.

But 19-year-old Rachel Harriman totally had the guts and somehow pulled it off.


Rachel, who's a student at Ohio State University, recently broke up with her boyfriend.

Like any reasonable human capable of feeling emotions, she was admittedly pretty distraught over the breakup — to the point where she couldn't adequately focus on a history assignment due later that night.

Instead of coming up with some BS excuse for why she couldn't complete the assignment (or even just not doing it altogether), she took a leap of faith and emailed her professor with the truth.


I'll admit, my heart broke a little bit when she said this won't happen again because she won't have anyone to break up with her next Sunday.

Aw, honey.

Rachel tweeted out a picture of her heartfelt, honest email with this amazing caption:

how are classes going how is your life

It's really no surprise at all her tweet went completely viral with almost 2,000 retweets and about 15,000 likes.

Twitter users were quick to both commend Rachel for her letter and to comfort her as she mourned her breakup.

Her story is definitely a great pick-me-up if you're having a rough day.


And it looks like she already has her pickings for her next boyfriend/excuse for a paper extension. Y'know, same difference.


Some are willing to defend Rachel's honor.


Others are willing to go to totally unnecessary (but still amazing) levels.


Now, if I had to guess, my professors from college probably would have scoffed my email right into their trash and failed me on the assignment.

Not only did Professor Steigerwald not fail Rachel on her assignment, but he actually gave her some concise, but very wise, advice for dealing with her breakup:

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Take him up on it, Rachel! Book your flight now girl, you deserve it.

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