Twitter Might Get Rid Of The 140-Character Limit In The Near Future

Let us take a moment to serenade Twitter's interim CEO Jack Dorsey with a rousing refrain of Hall & Oates' “You Make My Dreams.”

The social media site is prepping a product that will enable the verbose ones among its users to publish content exceeding the 140-character limit currently enforced on text posts.

Until now, users looking to air long-winded rants or explanations were forced to screenshot texts from elsewhere and tweet the captured photos.

Re/code reports execs are also considering tweaking the current measurement of 140-character tweets by removing links and user handles from the character count.

Basically, you can tag the entire cast of "Scream Queens" as you live-tweet the season finale, and it won't cost you a letter.

The changes follow the footsteps of alterations made earlier this year, such as the “retweet with comment” option and the kibosh on the private message's 140-character limit.

Dorsey is hoping to expand Twitter's user base with the adjustments, though turning to Facebook to vent endlessly may be a hard habit for users to break.

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