Twitter Account That Rates Cute Dogs Calls Out A Hater

The Twitter-verse can be a wonderful place.

Aside from the fact that users have direct access to their favorite people and brands, the platform's never-ending supply of accounts dedicated to random subjects are among the many benefits Twitter has to offer.

The dog-loving account called We Rate Dogs is proof.

However, the overwhelming joy delivered by this particular account didn't come from dog selfies this time around.

Let's just say the person behind this account had a few choice words for a trolling hater after some guy named Brant tweeted, "Your rating system sucks. Just change your name to 'CuteDogs.'"


Luckily, Brant didn't get away with offering his unwanted opinion.

Here's the hateful tweet.

We Rate Dogs then fired back with a witty tweet of their own.

Brant fired back with a quip of his own.

It's official -- purposely misspelling the names of your sworn enemies is the best way to get your revenge.

First, they went with "Bront" and now "Brent." Poor Brant.

Behold, the birth of "Brint." This Twitter account isn't playing games.

Still, Brant felt the need to stress his point.

We Rate Dogs doesn't care what you think, bro.

Brant decided to point out that they should probably cater to not-so-good-looking dogs as well. Valid point.

In case you were wondering, this dog is an "11/10."

Brant just wants to see what a five or six would look like, though.

Since the mastermind behind the We Rate Dogs Twitter account clearly has better things to do, they had the last word.

The lesson learned here is actually quite simple -- don't mess with anonymous Twitter accounts dedicated to rating cute dogs.

You might just get your name changed six different times in front of 400,000 people.

Oh, and Brant, you're going to need to find a new way to get dog ratings, buddy.

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