Tortoise And The Hare Face Off In Real Life And It's Not Even A Close Race

by Hope Schreiber

I understand the theme of "The Tortoise and The Hare," but as a child, it kind of went over my head.

The lesson you're supposed to take away from the fable is "slow and steady wins the race" and you just can't rush through things and get cocky thinking you're automatically going to win.

What I took away from it as a child was I could take my sweet-ass time trying to achieve my goals.

If I got in second place, it was because the person who was better at it just didn't underestimate me enough to the point where I could finally win.

Also, I always thought it was bullshit a tortoise could beat a hare.

Thankfully, Super Deluxe posted a Facebook Live video of a race in real life.

Over 100,000 people were watching the feed to see just who would be victorious in the age-old battle.

When the race first began, the tortoise straight-up refused to move forward, much like me if you were ever to break up with me.

The hare smelled literally everything, which didn't help in his race-winning abilities at all. After almost 11 minutes, he posted up about a couple of inches from the finish line.

To gloat?

To rub it in the tortoise's face that he can win with one single bound? He's just confused, probably.


But then, like myself when I've come too close to success, the hare self-sabotaged and ran back to the beginning of the race.

Even the tortoise is confused.


After 39 long minutes, we finally have our answer as to who reigns supreme. Ladies and gentlemen, a drum roll, please...

You might have guessed it, but you may not believe it...

The winner of the race, just as the fables foretold, is none other than the slow-as-molasses tortoise!


OK, cool. Thanks, internet.

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