Heartless Landlord's Coin-Operated Toilet Gives 'Savage' New Meaning In 2017


Happy New Year, everyone!

It is my pleasure to announce that the worst landlord of the year has already been crowned just three whole days into 2017.

A Melbourne-based Reddit user took to the popular discussion platform to talk about the fact his landlord actually installed a coin-operated toilet in his apartment. Yeah, apparently, that's a thing.

It's safe to say 2017 is off to a very "shitty" start.

The anonymous Reddit user asked the online community,

Is it legal for my landlord to have installed a dollar coin-operated flusher on my toilet?

The post starts off, reading,

I understand in our laundry having to pay for the communal washing machine. But I pay the water bill that goes into my apartment. He said it was a government incentive to save water. But then why does he get to collect the money?

Hmm, it sounds to me like your landlord has watched one too many Netflix shows about world-class crooks!

The post continues,

I have spoken to my neighbor and she thinks I should call Today Tonight if the rental advice people tell me that it's not right for my landlord to do this to me. I have looked at their website and you can write them an email with your issue. People like him need to be exposed.

Landlord or land-SATAN?!

Here's the full post on Reddit about a landlord installing a coin-operated flusher on a tenant's toilet.


As expected, the jokes poured in...


This one's my favorite.


Some people just don't think this is real. You be the judge!


Yeah, that looks pretty legit (and fucked up) to me. You put a coin in there, you flush and before you know it, your landlord has robbed you of your shit AND your money.

This landlord's savage level is well over 9,000.

What a time to be alive. Something tells me we're going to see even crazier things in 2017, people! You've been warned.

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