Anyone Can See Your Tinder Activity And Info With Dangerous New Hack


Listen up, kids, because I have some news that might seriously impact your life and the lives of all your friends -- specifically, your Facebook friends.

Thanks to a dangerous new hack that surfaced on Reddit, it appears anyone with a Facebook page, who has given Tinder authorization to access his or her page, can not only view all his or her FB friends' Tinder photos and information but can also see their most recent activity.

Yes, with this hack, which lives on a website called Tinderface, anyone can literally see when the last time any of his or her Facebook friends used Tinder.


According to the above Reddit thread subject, user diisiqueira claims to have "reverse engineered" Tinder, and it certainly looks like that's exactly what he achieved.

Obviously, there are plenty of damning aspects to this Tinder hack, but I can't think of anything more personal than having the last time you were active on Tinder become public information.

Yes, anyone can also see every photo his or her FB friend has uploaded to Tinder, but still, that doesn't seem as wild as tracking people's recent Tinder activity.

This hack lives on a website, and here is exactly what it looks like once someone connects to the webapp, enters his or her "FB Access Token" -- more on that in a minute -- and selects someone from his or her friend list with Tinder.


Yeah, this is really, really messed up.

Despite Reddit user diisiqueira's creator claims, it appears this Tinder hack has been around for months. It looks like Tinderface was referenced on another Reddit thread around November.


There's also an article from July of last year which appears to detail Tinderface, what it does and how to use the app.

Back to that "Facebook Access Token" someone would need to utilize Tinderface.

Once someone accesses the Tinderface website, they're given step-by-step instructions to use the app to see when his or her FB friends last used Tinder.


If you follow the above instructions, the FB Access Code is unbelievably easy to obtain, which is obviously reason enough to be concerned.

So, you might want to hop off Tinder, and you probably want to warn your friends while you're at it.

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