Tinder Wants You To Get Tested For STIs, And This Feature Will Help

Getting sick of left swipes, right swipes and random hookups? Well, Tinder may have just redeemed itself.

The dating app -- or hookup app, depending on how you look at it -- recently partnered with Healthvana, a patient-engagement software platform focusing on HIV, STDs and sexual health, to help make it easier for Tinder users to get tested for STIs.

Here's how it works: Tinder looks at a user's zip code to help him or her find nearby testing facilities. The app even uses filters to help users find exactly what they want. There are filters for women, Spanish speakers, anyone in the LGBTQ+ community and people who don't have health insurance.

Tinder's website encourages each user to know his or her "status," adding,

Some STDs don't show symptoms. Regular testing is critical to staying on top of your health and helping prevent the spread of STDs. After testing, always ask for a copy of your test results so you are sure of your status. There are many free, quick and confidential testing options - find the best locations near you using Healthvana's free HIV and STD testing locator.

This is certainly a good move on Tinder's part, especially considering the negative publicity the app received over the past year or so.

In August, a Vanity Fair article blamed Tinder for the rise of the "Dating Apocalypse," claiming users spend their days and nights mindlessly swiping through hundreds of matches, rarely finding lasting relationships.

Tinder isn't claiming it can find you the man or woman of your dreams, but at least it can help you out with the whole safe sex thing.

Props, Tinder. Mad props.

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