Woman's 'Dead Dad Tinder' Account Is Equal Parts Heartbreaking And Hilarious

by Tim McGovern

Having your dad die is horrible. Being single is far less horrible, but if you're on Tinder, it's pretty atrocious.

Comedian Jenn Welch's father recently passed away, and she's adding a step to the grieving process: creating a "Dead Dad Tinder" account, like you do.

Let me say, it's really sad Jenn's dad died, but her macabre Tinder account is very, very funny and also highlights how little empathy men have.

Take for instance the case of this thirsty man.


He not only didn't really read Jenn's reply in which she said her dad passed away, his "oops" and "Sorry?" responses just made my chiropractor bill go up because I just shook my damn head a whole lot.

Others like Mike were pretty blunt.


Yes, Mike. That does suck. I'm just going to come out and say it. Mike has no game. *Hears a knock on the door, opens it, it's Mike*

Meanwhile, Jay wasted no time in proving he's a complete dumpster fire of a person.


Whoa, Chris. Are you lying about your dad being dead to get a girl? Wait, that's the plot of every romantic comedy ever.


"Dead Dad Tinder," starring Chris Pine and Sandra Bullock, opens in theaters on May 22, 2019. (This is not true. Oh God, please don't spread this rumor... Actually, what am I saying? This movie needs to happen.)

Since my grandparents are in Florida and very much alive, I'd say those two things are not kind of the same thing.


Although, I will say if I saw a sign that read "Welcome To Florida! Population: THE DEAD," I'd be pretty stoked on being in Florida.

Leave it to Tim, who shares my prestigious name, to pull through and offer his sincere condolences.


Way to keep it classy, Tim.

Chris Pine and Sandra Bullock... this is your shot to take a very big risk on an extremely promising project. What do you say?

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