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This Puppy Got Braces And He's Way Cuter Than Any Pubescent Teenager


Working with her dad at his veterinary clinic helping puppies and kittens all day, Molly Moore is living every animal lover's dream. She also recently got a golden retriever puppy of her own, completing her doggy heaven lifestyle.

Some things appeared to be wrong with poor Wesley's teeth, however. The pup showed problems teething, and when he started losing weight, that's when Moore became concerned.

As she told BuzzFeed News,

Poor guy! Luckily, Moore's father, a doggy dentist, had the perfect solution: puppy braces!

While a fairly unusual technique for dogs, braces prove to be a lifesaver in some unique cases. For anyone's who's confused about their purpose, Dr. Moore explained,

So forget about ordering some braces for your pooch as a fashion accessory. Although, I have to say, they look ridiculously cute on Wesley.


Check out the full Facebook post below and make sure your pup's orthodontia is up to snuff.

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